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The Bridge                                                      Issue 25

Bridging the gap between research and practice

Welcome to this edition of the Bridge which is focussing on Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS). Dr Carolyn Dunford is leading the CAMHS programme for RCOMH. The initial focus of RCOMH has been on adults with mental health issues but this is now being expanded to include children and adolescents. Occupational therapists working in CAMHS have a clinical forum within the College of Occupational Therapists, Specialist Section: Children Young People and Families. As in other areas of the profession CAMHS OTs are moving towards more occupation focussed practice. .


Children and young people’s occupations

Children and young people’s occupations are significantly influenced by their environment, affective, cognitive and physical abilities as well as their chronological age and developmental level. Developmental norms are available from a range of sources to guide occupational therapists about typical occupations at specified ages.

Children's and young people's occupations

References: Child Development and Occupations


Spotlight on research

Carolyn DunfordThe Spotlight on Research in this issue of the Bridge considers an article which examines the relationship between time use in occupations and depressive symptoms.

There is currently very little literature to guide occupation focussed practice in CAMHS and it is imperative that we build our knowledge base, starting with theory and then moving to exploratory studies to ensure a solid base for our future work.

Read this month's review by Dr Carolyn Dunford »



COTSS - Children Young People & Families CAMHS National Training Event 2010

Thursday 11th November 2010 at the Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford. The key note lecture will be given by Dr Katrina Bannigan, Director of RCOMH followed by “Giving children a voice in child and family centred practice” by Dr Carolyn Dunford CAMHS lead for RCOMH.

Full programme details »

Booking form »


Unit for Child and Youth studies

Here at York St John (YSJ) University we have been developing ways of working across research centres and units. The Unit for Child and Youth Studies undertakes research pertaining to young people within local, national and international spheres. The Unit aims to facilitate links at local, national and international levels among YSJ research active staff and others such as researchers, institutions, policy makers and practitioners. Nathalie Noret, co-director of the unit has been working with RCOMH to explore how interested staff may work collaboratively on research projects related to children and young people. As a result of such discussions, Nathalie will now be working with RCOMH as a consultant on quantitative research methods and analysis and Carolyn Dunford of RCOMH will act as a consultant on child and youth health for the Unit of Child and Youth Studies.   We look forward to bringing you news of future collaborative work.

Find out more about the Unit of Child and Youth Studies »


Animation therapy: An innovation in mental health practice

This is the brain child of occupational therapist, Helen Mason, who has used animation in her clinical work in child and adolescent and youth offending fields.

More details here »


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