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The Bridge                                                      Issue 26

Bridging the gap between research and practice

Welcome - All change at RCOMH!

This edition of The Bridge has been delayed and so it is the first of a double-issue this week. This delay reflects the fact that there have been a number of changes at RCOMH and York St John University. The main change for the team at York St John University is that a new Vice Chancellor, Professor David Fleming, and a new Dean for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Professor Pam Dawson, have been appointed. This spells a time of considerable change within our organisation but be reassured of York St John University’s continued support for RCOMH. The stop press items below are evidence of this commitment.

We have a number of changes to report in this edition of The Bridge which demonstrate the support we have had from so many individuals.  It is a stark reminder that RCOMH is a partnership that can only work through collaboration.


Changes in the structure of RCOMH

At the last steering group of RCOMH two important decisions were made about how RCOMH operates. The first is that the core team at York St John University will become an executive team with responsibility for the day-to-day decision making. The second is that the steering group will provide the strategic direction for RCOMH’s work and will be involved in generating and developing research bids. It is hoped that these changes will ensure that  RCOMH will be able to deliver more effectively on its mission. We will monitor the changes to see if they have had the desired effect.

Changing roles in the RCOMH executive team

In the light of the changes in structure of RCOMH the core team is now called the RCOMH executive team but there have been some changes within the team.

RCOMH executive team changes

Changing roles in the RCOMH steering group

As well as changing the focus of the steering group’s work we also have to report some changes in the steering group.

RCOMH steering group changes


Postgraduate research supervision and mentoring

Professor Chris Mayers is now a Research Fellow at York St John University and is very happy to mentor and /or supervise anyone wishing to undertake post-graduate study in the areas of person centred practice, issues around quality of life and meeting spiritual needs. Chris is also happy to offer advice regarding collaborative research within Europe.

Her website address is: www.mayersLSQ.org.uk and email address is c.mayers1@yorksj.ac.uk



Advance notice of the SIPPS project survey

RCOMH is conducting ‘An international scoping study to identify people who want to be involved in occupation and mental health research, their publications and their perceptions of future research needs’; the SIPPS project. The project team (Katrina Bannigan, Jill Bradley, Bob Collins, Karen Wells) will be collecting data in November via an online survey. You will receive an email about the survey and we hope you will consider participating in the study because it will help the research programme leads with developing RCOMH research programmes.

The SIPPS project has ethical approval from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, York St John University ethics committee (Reference OTIS1 1 OCT 10 KB).



Advance notice - RCOMH International research symposium 2011

The Research Centre for Occupation & Mental Health is hosting an International research symposium in Eastbourne, UK on the 27th and 28th June 2011. Its aims are to develop international research bids related to occupation and mental health and a consensus statement about multi centre studies. This prestigious event will be facilitated by Professor Karen Kirkby, University of Surrey. Karen is a highly experienced research leader. She is a grant holder on research grants valued in excess of £20 million (from ESPRC, Wolfson Foundation and EU), has been an invited speaker at conferences around the world, and has published over 150 papers in refereed journals (including Nature). She is the ideal person to help researchers working in the field of occupation and mental health to build international research bids using the networks that have been developing through RCOMH.

                                             Professor Karen Kirby
                                                University of Surrey

The symposium will be open to researchers from around the world but numbers will be strictly limited to 18. Further details about how to apply for a place will be available early in 2011.

The symposium will be held just before the College of Occupational Therapists’ national conference in Brighton, which is in the same week. Linking the two events provides an ideal opportunity to participate in a unique symposium for researchers as well as attend the leading conference for occupational therapists in the UK. See www.cot.co.uk for more details.


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