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by Irving B. Harrison, M.D.

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"Yes, there is another order of seeing, there is another way, there is another reality."
Dennis Potter (1993) p. 84

Redemption 3. In religions generally: salvation; deliverance from what is regarded as evil, esp. viewed as due to divine agency or to a certain right relationship to a divine reality.

from the Oxford English Dictionary



This adventure of mine is too narrow and slight to warrant pages of dedications and acknowledgments. Here, however, I thank a special few of those who enabled me to discover the particular joys of this field of discovery and experience. I have benefitted immensely from insights which were to make my absorbing hobby as a dedicated amateur as perplexing and engrossing as .... well, as a Potter play.

I have been blessed with the friendship of some exceptional men and women, but never ones so dedicated and so kind to me as those who gave generously of their time and expertise in this quest.

First and foremost is Kenith Trodd. Trodd, a producer for the BBC, opened the first door of that fortress so that I might view Potter plays. Most recently, I have had the honor of gaining a passing mention in Humphrey Carpenter's authorized biography of Potter, and have become a pen pal and friend of James R. Kincaid, Professor of English, USC author and teacher extraordinaire. His early editing, advice and encouragement kept me at this until I was too embarrassed to burden him further. The most recent kindness of a relatively young cousin, Roger Blumberg, scholar, writer, sometimes Professor at Brown University and computer master has been to bring this essay to his Website.

Last, I offer heartfelt gratitude to my wife of well over fifty years, an indefatigable critic and proof-reader. Her appreciation of literature and art, through which she enriched my vision, is an aspect of her joy in living; her grace, beauty and vigor seem to defy time.

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CHAPTER ONE: The double

CHAPTER TWO: The Playwright and His Producer

CHAPTER THREE: Hide and Seek / "Double Dare"

CHAPTER FOUR: "The Singing Detective"

CHAPTER FIVE: "Blackeyes"


The Confidence Course

Stand Up, Nigel Barton
Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton
Message for Posterity
A Beast with Two Backs
Moonlight on the Highway
Son of Man
Angels Are So Few
Only Make Believe
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Pennies from Heaven
Cream in my Coffee
Secret Friends
Lipstick on your Collar

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Final Days, The Final Plays, The Final Ploys




Last updated: 23 January, 2005
Author: D.R.Evans@cantab.net