First I must thank the Potter family and their friend and Potter's literary agent, Judy Daish, for honouring me by adopting this site as the Official Dennis Potter web site.

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In developing these pages I worked in collaboration with Dr. John R. Cook (formerly of De Montfort University, now at Glasgow Caledonian University) whose seminal text on Potter (now in its second edition) simultaneously excites and infuriates me for its comprehensiveness, erudition and critical insight - and because he published it before I got down to achieving a similar ambition of my own. I am indebted to him for his support and encouragement, and for the benefit of many fascinating and challenging debates. I thank him for the privilege of being able to publish, for the first time, extracts from his 1990 interview with Potter on this web site. Thanks to to my sister, Lin Evans, for the gargantuan task of transcribing the interviews from the original tapes.

I owe a debt of thanks too to colleagues at York St John College who have supported me in the development of these pages. In particular, initially to Professors Chris Butler and Robin Butlin for financial support; then more recently to the College's Research Committee, under the chair of Dr. Margaret Atherden, for financial support to help me (finally, after five years of development) to complete this site to its present state of perpetual incompleteness. Finally to the Principal, Professor Dianne Willcocks, and the Academic Board of the College for their recent conferral of a College Fellowship to enable me to continue with the work of developing this site following my retirement in 2001, and for agreeing to remain hosts of this important and highly regarded site.

I would also like to thank Michael Hanrahan, Gareth Jenkins, Dave Greatorex and Richard Wykes for technical advice and support in the early stages; Mike Stanton, for his enthusiasm and resource and for being brave enough to submit an account of his recent experiences as a Potter fan; and Mirror International for permission to reproduce articles written by Potter for the Daily Herald. I am also indebted to Irving Harrison for choosing to launch his book, "Dennis Potter: The Why of his Doubles and Devices" on this site, to Paul Ferguson for contributing his MA dissertation and to Eckart Voigts-Virchow for allowing me to use his article.

A special vote of thanks must go to the cohorts of Cultural Studies students at Ripon who, in spite of some initial doubts about the virtues of studying aspects of the life and work of Dennis Potter, rewarded me and themselves in exhibiting enthusiasm, criticality and originality in their work on the module Clenched Fists - knowing that they were probably unique in studying this material in such depth at degree level.


Finally I must, of course, thank Dennis Potter for teaching me from the time I was an adolescent right into my late middle age how to see the world and myself differently.

Thanks, Dennis!

Photo courtesy of Jane Potter


In spite of all this help and support, the finished product, with all its psoriatic lesions, is my own and I take all the blame for errors, omissions, misunderstandings and oversights. If you spot them (and they're certainly there), please keep me informed.



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