In spite of the fact that for many years of his life Dennis Potter was in extremely bad health and largely reclusive, he gave many interviews and talks to radio, television, magazines and journalists. An excellent list of  these appears on pages 354 - 355 of Cook (1995).

Another list of interviews appears in Humphrey Carpenter's biography, pp. 598 - 600.

Only a few of these are readily available in published or televisual form. The most easily available are listed below.

    Dennis Potter ~ An Interview with Melvyn Bragg
                        (Without Walls, Ch 4 TV, March 1994) 

    [Reprinted in Potter (1994) pp. 1 - 30]

    Dennis Potter ~ An Interview with Alan Yentob
                        (Arena, BBC2 1987)

    [Reprinted in Potter (1994) pp. 57- 72]

Potter on Potter  ~ Extensive extracts from interviews with Graham Fuller
                    in  [Fuller, G. (ed.) (1993)]

    Dennis Potter ~ An interview with John Cook, held at 83 Eastbourne Mews, 10th May 1990

Exclusive instalments from this significant interview with John Cook, are available by clicking here. This is the only source for the full text of this interview and John Cook has recently added an updated Introduction and a Postcript written in July 2004, also accesible from this page.

It is now possible to listen to the actual 1990 interview between John Cook and Dennis Potter by downloading .mp3 files taken from the original recording, by clicking here.

Parts of this interview now appear in an appendix to Gras, V. & Cook, J.R. (eds.) (2000) The Passion of Dennis Potter: International Collected Essays, New York: St. Martin's Press, pp. 239 - 251





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