In August 1961 Dennis Potter began to write a regular column in the pages of the Daily Herald newspaper entitled "As I See It". He continued to work in a variety of manifestations over the next few years, contributing features, book reviews, TV previews and reviews as well as regular personal columns with a variety of byelines.

What appears on the pages linked to below is a list of dates on which these pieces appeared together with the title of each piece, where appropriate. Currently the list is not definitive and covers only August 1961 to February 1964. I hope to add further details when time (and other things!) allow me to pursue the necessary research.

As far as I can ascertain, and based on information and advice given to me at the British Library at Colindale, the copyright for these newspaper articles belongs to Mirror Syndication International, at Canary Wharf, London. I have contacted them in writing and have their permission (Jason O'Neill, Library Manager) to make use of the material for non-commercial, educational purposes and to publish them on these pages.

I am very grateful to Mirror Syndication International, and will over the next few months, launch as much material as I can format amid busy schedules. For now I have simply put up a few examples.

I must express my public thanks to the Research Committee of the College of Ripon & York, St. John for granting me funding to enable me to visit and study at the British Library Newspaper Library at Colindale and gain access to the archived pages of the Daily Herald, and also for funding me for some research time to work on them.

Click on one of the year buttons below and you will be taken to a list of items written by Potter and published in the Daily Herald during that year.





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