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References to information on Dennis Potter which appear on WWW sites are scattered and fragmentary. The list below attempts to bring together on a single links page a whole variety of sources of relevant material. Some of the pages which follow are directly related to Dennis Potter and his work, others only tangentially so.


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Dennis Potter Imagebank at Yahoo Groups


Bhob Stewart's Potter page


IMDb Dennis Potter discussion Board


The Wednesday Play. Play for Today pages


The Singing Detective page "Looking for Clues" by Gerbrand Oudenaarden


British Film Institute Screenonline article by John Cook


The Royal Forest of Dean Page ~ Dennis Potter page


Dennis Potter page on the Internet Movie Database


Dennis Potter's Testament at Picpal


Dennis Potter's Televisual Legacy at Picpal


Dreamchild review page


Dennis Potter and The Singing Detective - British Film Resource


Extracts from "Occupying Powers" MacTaggart Lecture


The Mausoleum Club - Play for Today


"Death of the TV Author" New Statesman 1995


Dennis Potter: Father of The Singing Detective (from The National Psoriasis Foundation)

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