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14th May 2005

It is with great sadness that I must report that on Saturday 14th of May, Dave Evans, author of this site, died peacefully in his sleep. This site will be kept alive in memory of both him and Dennis Potter.

Ros (his wife)

10th February 2005
A Potter Symposium will take place at the Dukes theatre, Lancaster on 26th February 2005 between matinee and evening performances of Blue Remembered Hills. Advance booking necessary. Further details here.
20th January 2005

This site has now been adopted by the Potter family and estate as the Official Dennis Potter website. As a result I have re-designed the home page, added a new page about the site and updated several other pages with a new banner.

20th January 2005
  • If you can't make it up to Lancaster Duke's Theatre during their Blue Remembered Hills production, you may be better placed to get to the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, where, from 19th February until 4th March another version of Blue Remembered Hills is on offer. More details here ... and press release here
  • If you suffer/enjoy the same predilection as Dennis did for "those lovely tubes of delight" then try to avoid the 23 Feb and 2 Mar performances which are "smoke-free" - except in the barn on stage, of course!
4th January 2005
  • A copy of Shaggy Dog (1968) has apparently been re-discovered recently and is to be shown on Saturday 12th March 2005, 6.05pm in the Amblecote Room, Stourbridge Town Hall, Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK
    Free Admission. See Kaleidoscope's web site for further details.
31st December 2004
  • As part of their Spring Season, the Dukes Theatre in Lancaster will be producing Blue Remembered Hills from 4th February until 26th February 2005, directed by Ian Hastings. This follows the recent broadcast of the original TV play on BBC 4 on Saturday 25 December 2004 11.10pm-12.20am.
  • For further details of the Dukes production visit their site at:http://www.dukes-lancaster.org/live_details.php?live_id=89

12th December 2004
  • BBC announces a new season of Dennis Potter documentaries and classic plays to mark the 10th anniversary of his death.

Thank you, BBC!!!

At last you've woken up to the long-standing demands of Potter fans to revisit his works after such a long time. Let's have even more in due course. Karaoke, Cold Lazarus and Blackeyes would go down well, I'm sure.

12th December 2004

BBC launches a Potter Timeline to track significant events in Potter's life to their social, political and cultural context. Click here to visit.

28th October 2004
  • A new stage production of Blue Remembered Hills by The Exit Theatre Company at The Ivory ‘Theatre In the Round’ is to start its run on Wednesday 17th November 2004 8pm until Saturday 20th November at Fairfield Hotel, 1 Landsdowne Road, Croydon  CR9 2BN.
    Tickets: £7/£5 concs. Available in advance from: The Edge Box Office-  020 8774 9933.
  • Download the poster from here (87kb).
10th June 2004
  • BBC are planning to transmit a range of early Potter plays during Summer/Autumn season, culminating in a new documentary on Potter from Arena. Watch here for further details.
5th June 2004
  • Extracts of two interviews with Dennis Potter available on BBC site:
  • Kaleidoscope
    5 May 1986 Radio 4
    Dennis Potter talks to Paul Allen about
    - why he wanted to write for television 0 min 56
    - what he liked doing as a child 1 min 05
    - being a political animal 1 min 46
    - the role of the artist 0 min 58
  • Writers Revealed
    27 June 1991 Radio 4
    - Dennis Potter talks to Rosemary Hartill about
    - why he doesn't like nostalgia 1 min 38
    - the process of writing 1 min 19
    - what keeps him writing and its connection with illness 3 min 31
5th June 2004
  • Details of the Nigel Barton Plays screening on BBC Four now available by clicking here.
  • Stand Up Nigel Barton Saturday 12 June 2004 11.20pm-12.40am BBC FOUR
  • Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton Tuesday 15 June 2004 11.30pm-12.50am BBC FOUR
19th April 2004
18th April 2004
1st April 2004

To commemorate the ten-year anniversary of Dennis Potter's death, BBC Worldwide are releasing a number of Dennis Potter dramas onto DVD for the very first time.

  • You can pre-order copies here
  • You can enter a Radio Times competition to win them here
1st March 2002

(We're still awaiting news !!!! 19th April 2004)

19th March 2002


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14th March 2005 Update to Shaggy Dog page, having watched it yesterday at Stourbridge
1st March 2005 Late Call page added to TV plays
1st March 2005 Where Adam Stood page added to TV plays
10th February 2005

A new page launched to publicise the Potter Symposium at the Dukes theatre, Lancaster on 26th February 2005, linked to from homepage

29th January 2005 Schmoedipus page added to TV plays
27th January 2005

uk2 adverts now removed from www.dennispotter.com diversion site.

24th January 2005

New pages have been constructed for John Cook's preface to his 1990 interview with Potter, and for Jason Griffith's piece Changing Forest 2004, to replace the MSWord download documents.

A new Clenched Fists logo has been inserted on the main pages.

21st January 2005

Two pieces by Dennis Potter's daughter, Jane, have been added to the Voices of the Forest page and some new photographs, provided by the family, have been included in the Biography page.

20th January 2005 This site has now been adopted by the Potter family and estate as the Official Dennis Potter website. As a result I have re-designed the home page, added a new page about the site and updated several other pages with a new banner.
17th January 2005 Slight stylistic revisions/additions made to first 11 TV pages
16th January 2005 Joe's Ark page added to TV plays
11th January 2005 A Tragedy of Two Ambitions page added to TV plays
4th January 2005 Only Make Believe page added to TV plays
3rd January 2005 Follow The Yellow Brick Road page added to TV plays
17th October 2004 Links page updated (not before time!): dead links removed, new links added
16th October 2004 For the first time on the Web, audio versions of John Cook's 1990 interview with Dennis Potter are now available on this site only, in .mp3 format. Visit the download page here. [WARNING: Large downloads!]
16th October 2004 At long last, a new page on one of Potter's TV plays appears on this site! I promised Jane Potter recently that I would finish the TV play pages - and here's my first part of that promise kept. Hopefully now that I've broken through the writer's block that has been Casanova, I can get down and cover some of Potter's more recent work.
11th October 2004 Averil Kear's talk on The Power of the Chapel added to Voices page (text only).
28th August 2004 Gallery 3 added to main page which links to images from the Voices in the Forest Festival, with download of video clip and midi file of Will There Be Stars in My Crown
27th August 2004 Eleven large .mp3 audio files of radio interviews and Symposium discussion from the Voices in the Forest Festival, kindly supplied by Forest of Dean Radio and BBC Radio Gloucestershire and prepared and uploaded to the York St John web server by Gareth Jenkins. [Thanks, Gazz :-)] Listen to Melvyn Bragg, Jane Chowns (nee Potter), John Cook, John Belcher, Jason Griffiths and Dave Evans talking at the Festival. [WARNING: Large downloads!]
27th August 2004 An article entitled "The Changing Forest 2004", presented by Jason Griffiths as part of the Voices in the Forest festival.
16th July 2004 A new page reviewing the Voices in the Forest Festival, with a new article by Dr. John Cook of Glasgow Caledonian University, author of "Dennis Potter: A Life on Screen" and co-editor of "The Passion of Dennis Potter. International Collected Essays."
16th July 2004 A new preface to his 1990 interview with Dennis Potter, with a 2004 Postscript, has been written by John Cook and is now accessible from the main 1990 Interview page.
10th July 2004 Alice links updated. John Cook's 1990 Interview pages updated with minor errors corrected.
22nd June 2004 Dead links replaced on several pages; Nigel Barton plays updated with latest transmission info; Sufficient Carbohydrate and Visitors pages refurbished/completed.
20th June 2004 Thirty-two new/revamped Journalism pages added, recreating Potter's Features and Reviews from the Daily Herald, August 1961 - August 1962
8th June 2004 What's New page items re-ordered: most recent first.
5th June 2004 Two new links on What's New page to BBC announcements on Nigel Barton Plays and audio interviews with Potter.
31st May 2004 Front page replaced with a memorial celebrating Potter's 10th anniversary. New pages added: Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Recent Writing page, Dennis Potter Writers Award. New images added to Biography page.
29th April 2004 Front page re-written to include link to the forthcoming Forest of Dean Festival Voices in the Forest.
29th April 2004 Paul Ferguson's MA dissertation on Potter appears on the site.

5th February 2003

Site front page revised to add a link to a new article on Potter - "Goodbye suspense goodbye" - Postmodern TV crime in The Singing Detective (1986) and Twin Peaks (1990-91) by Eckhart Voigts-Virchow (University of Geissen, Germany).

17th May 2002 Site front page redesigned to include links to Irving Harrison's new book
"Dennis Potter: The Why of his Doubles and Devices"
25th May 2002 "What's New???" page introduced; Navigation box refurbished and updated.







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