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NEW! A recently completed MA dissertation by Paul Ferguson, University of Lancaster, entitled Dennis Potter: Showing 'The Very Age and Body of the Time His Form and Pressure' in Blue Remembered Hills, The Singing Detective, Karaoke and Cold Lazarus. Read it online by clicking here.

Eckart Voigts-Virchow, of the University of Geissen, Germany who has kindly agreed, with his publishers, to allow me to host a version of his most recent article on Potter, Goodbye suspense goodbye"? - Postmodern TV Crime in The Singing Detective (1986) and Twin Peaks (1990-91). You can access his article by clicking here.

Irving B. Harrison's book, Dennis Potter: The Why of his Doubles and Devices, appearing for the first time on this site, is still accessible by clicking here.

I hope to invite other writers on Potter's work to contribute a range of pieces, already published or yet to be published, so that the site can become a valuable online repository of current perspectives on Dennis Potter. If you have something you'd like to contribute, please mail me from here.