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A Dennis Potter Symposium

Saturday 26th February 2005 at 4.15 p.m.

As The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster, commemorates the seventieth anniversary of Dennis Potter’s birth in 1935 with its production of Blue Remembered Hills from 4 - 26 February, the revival of interest in the writer and his works has prompted the Dukes to organise a small celebratory


with four short (10 – 15 minute) lecture/presentations on aspects of the man and his work, with particular reference to BRH. There will be a chance for open discussion after each of the talks.

BRH Dukes Programme

The Symposium contributors will include:

Dave Evans, author of this site

Paul Ferguson, University of Lancaster and contributor to this site

Ian Hastings, Artistic Director, The Dukes, Lancaster

Michael Nunn, journalist and writer

The Symposium will be chaired by:

Leonie Pearce, Senior Lecturer in Drama at St Martins College
Dave Pearce, Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire .

The Symposium will be held on the final Saturday of the BRH run, 26th February, when there will be both a matinée and an evening performance (1400 and 2000). This will enable attendees either see the afternoon performance and then attend the presentations and discussions; or attend the sessions, then the evening performance.

Light refreshments (free) will be available through the course of the event, and the bar will be open too.

Pre-booking is necessary to provide for exact numbers.

Tickets will cost £10 (concessions £5) and must be booked by noon on Monday 21 February 2005 . Booking information can be found here.


Read the Dukes press release here.



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